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Our Organic Coffee Offerings

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Corazon Roast Styles

For the most part, we utilize three distinct roast styles; medium, medium dark and dark. The majority of our single origin offerings are roasted to “medium.” This degree of roast allows us to highlight the nuances inherent in the bean. As the roasts get darker, the subtleties of the individual beans become overshadowed by flavors imparted through the roasting process. That said, some single-origin offerings do seem to show better at a darker roast. For instance, beans with a naturally high acidity sometimes show more complexity and balance when roasted a bit darker. Our Guatemalan offering from Quiche is a good example.

Organic Single Origin Offerings

Our single-origin coffee offerings are sourced from around the globe and include only the finest beans. Organically grown, processed, handled and roasted; from the field to your cup. Our regular single origin coffee offerings include:

1 lb
Brazilian Faz Colina estate – organic – Sweet, floral nose, low acidity, hints of milk chocolate. $13.95 Order
Ethiopian Sadamo – Oromia – fair trade/organic – Deep and lingering essence of blueberry and chocolate. $14.95 Order
Ethiopian Yirgacheffe – Hafursa co-op – fair trade/organic – Light, winey, spicy, balanced acidity, long finish. $14.95 Order
Guatemalan Quiche – Chajulense co-op – fair trade/organic – Sweet, floral nose, citric acidity. $13.95 Order
Nicaraguan Segovia – Prodecoop – fairtrade/organic – Round, balanced, full-bodied, smokey, bittersweet chocolate notes. $13.95 Order
Sumatran Ika – KKGO co-op – fair trade/organic – Deeply complex, chewy, barley malt/leather/winey character. $14.95 Order
Honduran Marcala Comsa co-op – decaf – mountain water process – fair trade/organic – Woody, round, complex. $14.95 Order

Organic Blends

Our organic blends are products of extensive cupping sessions. The Corazon Cupping Panel first sampled a large number of single origin beans. Potential blends then became the focus. After that, the ratios and roast degrees producing the most satisfying combinations were addressed. The end result; a number of complex offerings with identifiable bottom, middle and top notes coming together in harmonious balance. Our regular blends include:

1 lb
Corazon House Blend – A breakfast blend from the Americas. $13.95 Order
Crema Love Espresso Blend – The name says it all. Our darkest blend. $13.95 Order
Heart & Soul – A blend from Africa and the Americas. Roasted medium dark. $14.49 Order
Ju-Ju Blend – Comprised of African offerings. $14.95 Order
World Peace Blend – A dark roast that can be used for espresso cuisine. $14.49 Order
*All prices in USD. Prices and offerings are subject to change.