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Welcome to Corazon Coffee Roasters, featuring coffees and teas, Certified Organic by the USDA. Our business is committed to bringing the freshest and healthiest products to the local market, while promoting sustainable agricultural practices worldwide. When you come into our shop for a cup of coffee, brewed cocoa or tea, rest assured that all milk, chocolate, caramel and even sweeteners are organically certified. Our small batch coffee and cocoa roasting process ensures you get the freshest product available.  If desired, we can also grind beans to your specification before packaging. However, your coffee will remain freshest if you do the grinding in-house immediately before brewing.

Why buy Certified Organic coffee, tea and cocoa?

Corazon Coffee Roaster’s Certified USDA Organic Roaster

All the products we carry have been grown without the use of unnatural chemicals found in many fertilizers and pesticides. These sustainable practices result in agricultural products that are safer not only for the environment,but also for the farmers and communities growing these commodities. This makes for healthier soil, waterways, wildlife and people. It also means the farmers usually receive more compensation for their produce,while helping to safeguard the health of our planet.

Organic certification starts with audits of the farming methods practiced by those growing the products we sell. It continues with the transportation of the green beans and concludes with the roasting and packaging process. While the organic certification process takes time to complete, we believe the results justify the added expense.

Rest assured the products we offer have been certified organic from farm to finish. Corazon Coffee Roasters produces small batches of coffee beans roasted in equipment that has never been in contact with non-organic products. From the first test-batch roasted in the factory, our roaster has come in contact only with Certified Organic coffee beans. We also package our coffee, tea and cocoa in eco-friendly Kraft paper bags and utilize “green” labeling methods, including product identification stamps applied with water based ink. Not all organic coffee carries the USDA certification. While some roasters start with organic beans, they fail to carry through with the certification process once the raw beans reach their shops.

Corazon Coffee Roasters also utilize Fair-Trade Certified products whenever possible. Your purchase of Fair Trade Certified coffee, tea and cocoa gives farmers better prices. This helps elevate their standard of living and keeps their kids in school. The program also facilitates training for for rural growers. In essence, you are assisting small farmers in becoming international businessmen and women.